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Accounting Advisory

Offering education, advice and support for:

  • Revenue and Lease Accounting Standards
  • Complex Accounting Matters
  • Restatements & Material Weaknesses
  • SEC Reg. S-X & S-K Disclosures
  • FASB Accounting Standards Updates
  • Litigation Support
  • CFO & Controllership Duties
  • Private Equity Support

Private Equity Support

Like nearly any organization, private equity firms exist to protect and grow shareholder value.  Kral Ussery
understands this and offers an array of services to address portfolio company needs.  Our focus is on the
CFO’s office, including accounting, financial reporting, IT, FP&A, M&A transactions and SEC filings.
Specifically, our services include:

  • Carve-out planning & accounting
  • Data analytics for data aberration identification in conjunction with assurance efforts
  • Designing controls, including the drafting of accounting policies & procedures
  • Debt package reporting
  • Due diligence and quality of earnings reports
  • Interim controllership services
  • Internal auditing activities on accounting, IT and entity-level controls
  • IT general control testing to help ensure robust financial system execution
  • Merger and acquisition planning, integration & execution
  • New accounting standard implementations
  • Optimizing the financial statement close process
  • Support and advice with Initial filings to the SEC, as well as review of subsequent filings
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Technical Research and Assistance

Keeping track of the myriad of GAAP and SEC requirements and seemingly endless changes requires diligence
and resources.  We can fulfill or supplement the duties of the accounting policy group for companies in flux or
that are too small for a full time staff.  Whether it is a one-time engagement to determine the proper GAAP
treatment or SEC disclosures for a transaction, or you need a more complete resource for review of 10-Ks and
10-Qs for potential problem areas, or CPE training for your staff, we can fill the need for complex and new
accounting standards.

  • Revenue recognition
  • Lease accounting
  • Derivatives and credit losses
  • Variable interest entities
  • Implementation of new accounting standards
  • Business combinations
  • Goodwill and goodwill impairments
  • Business combination purchase price allocations
  • Stock based compensation

Litigation Support Services

We offer expert witness serves in all of our areas of expertise.  We have provided expert reports and testimony on a number of high profile, multi-billion dollar corporate litigation matters involving accounting and financial reporting, due professional care of executive officers, SEC disclosures and FCPA matters.

  • Testifying Experts in accounting, SEC reporting, Internal controls over Financial reporting and corporate governance
  • Assistance with case strategy
  • Reviewing key documents and contracts, written electronic correspondence, financial statements and disclosures, SEC filings and auditor work papers

Educational Programs

Our experts have been writing and instructing CPE training for over 25 years offering the hottest topics on US GAAP and SEC reporting.  Our principles lecture and teach for such organizations as the AICPA, various state societies and the FEI.  Your staff can attend one of our sponsored conferences or in-house CPE classes or we can tailor a CPE program for your needs.

Remediating Material Weaknesses and/or Restatements

While no one wants to believe it can happen to your company, companies occasionally find themselves with a potential reporting nightmare caused by a financial statement error, an oversight, a breakdown in ICFR, or an undetected fraud.  In some situations, companies may be forced to delay reporting until the extent and root cause can be properly assessed and analyzed.  Restatements and/or remediation of material weaknesses may be overwhelming for your already stressed accounting staff.  We can provide an experienced response team to take charge of any GAAP or financial reporting issue and develop a strategy to get the company’s reporting in back in compliance.

IPO Readiness

The dream of many private companies is to eventually “go public” and to trade their stock on a public exchange.  The process of going public is long and overwhelming to a financial reporting staff.  We have experts that have assisted companies through the IPO process for over 20 years.  From drafting the S-1 registration statements to converting your private company financial statements to the more rigorous standards of disclosures of the SEC, our experts can assist you through the entire process.

  • Migrating financial statements and disclosures to SEC compliant financial statements
  • Internal control assessments for pre-IPO companies
  • Drafting the S-1
  • Responding to SEC comment letters
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Mergers and Acquisitions

Many companies seek to grow through thoughtful and business enhancing mergers and acquisitions.  The right acquisition can propel the company to the next level, but a poor acquisition can strap a company for years.  It is critical to know and understand the acquisition target inside and out.  Due diligence done well can provide significant insights into the target company and allows for a more informed assessment of the potential risks and anticipated benefits of the transaction and a smother integration of the acquired company.  Our experie3nced team can assist you in conducting a robust due diligence assessment designed to ferret out potential risks and valuation considerations, assess their magnitude and the probability of the risks' occurrence, consider whether mitigation is possible, and respond accordingly.

  • Due diligence
  • Post transaction integration
  • Purchase price allocations
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SEC Reporting

SEC registrants large and small are required to have an accounting staff capable of assessing complex accounting requirements and keeping track of SEC reporting requirements.  Auditors are prohibited from providing accounting advice to client under the Sarbanes Oxley Act.  Our staff can conduct pre-filing reviews or offer assistance in yearend reporting to augment your accounting staff.

  • Pre-filing reviews of 10-Qs and 10-Ks
  • Expert assistance in preparing MD&As
  • Responding to SEC comments
  • Drafting registration statements
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