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SEC Compliance

Helping companies keep within the good graces of the SEC by:

Streamline your SOX & SEC efforts

Strong Controls

In order to have an effective SEC and Sarbanes-Oxley corporate compliance program, companies need to have strong controls in place. Kral Ussery LLC has extensive experience ensuring that compliance programs best serve organizational needs to mitigate risks to best meet objectives.

Companies must stay in compliance with regulations to best serve shareholder interests. The challenge is finding the right balance of compliance so the company can reasonably mitigate the risks of adverse legal and regulatory actions, while staying focused on strategic and operational objectives.

In the United States, the primary regulatory body is the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). The SEC's mission is to protect investors, maintain fair, orderly and efficient markets, and facilitate capital formation. The SEC seeks to accomplish this through rules and regulations for public companies to provide a steady flow of timely, comprehensive, and accurate information. Kral Ussery LLC works with companies to stay within the good graces of the SEC; including SOX. We understand and work with all aspects of SOX and many of the SEC rules and regulations.

Beyond the Regulatory Environment

Compliance programs and strong controls provide the processes to help ensure objectives are reached. The risk of fraud, compounded with the reality that virtually all employees and IT systems are prone to some degree of error, means it is prudent to have strong controls in place. While no system of controls can provide absolute assurance that error or fraud will not occur, sound compliance programs and processes will go a long ways towards combating these risks.

Strong compliance is a solid investment, as investors will often pay a premium for well-governed companies. Benefits include lower capital costs, reduced insurance premiums, decreased fraud risks, greater access to capital and stronger competitive positioning. Simply put, an effective corporate compliance is good business.

Keeping up with regulatory changes is an overwhelming challenge. This is a core competency of Kral Ussery LLC that can be leveraged for your company. Rely on us to help make your compliance program more efficient and effective.

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