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CFO & Controllership Series

CFO & Controllership Series: Objectives, Risks and Controls to Maximize Shareholder Value

Management teams, led by the CEO and CFO are charged with preserving and growing shareholder value. The Controller as the CFO right-hand person also plays a critical role, especially relative to financial reporting objectives. Success hinges on the management team’s ability to understand relevant objectives, risks and control practices. Poor planning and execution can be detrimental to both shareholders and stakeholders. This training explores critical components of a control process. Topics include:

  • Definitions of objectives, risk and controls
  • Understanding your shareholders and stakeholders
  • A high-level model of governance and associated risks
  • Public company versus private company considerations
  • Setting the 'tone at the top' through the CEO
  • Interactions with the audit committee
  • Risk brainstorming sessions
  • The role of auditors (both internal and external)
  • Performance evaluations
  • Disclosure committee duties
  • Company level controls
  • Technology controls, including addressing cybersecurity risks
  • The importance of information and decision rights
  • PCAOB & SEC guidance to companies & auditors
  • Federal sentencing guidelines
  • Mitigating fraud through whistle-blowing provisions
  • NYSE & NASDAQ listing requirements for public companies
  • Continuous monitoring
  • Updating objectives, risks and controls
Session objectives:
  • Understand what success looks like for the finance and controllership functions
  • Learn different culture types
  • Explore ideas to enhance risk management
  • Review examples to thorough comprehend the linkage between objectives, risks and controls

Effective controls are critical to the success of any business. However, they cannot be effectively designed until objectives and risks are adequately identified. Does your organization clearly understand relevant objectives, risks and controls to combat operational risks, regulatory compliance, financial risks, stakeholder concerns, errors and fraud? Attending this session will help arm you with practical considerations to protect and grow shareholder value.

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