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Decision Rights and Information Flows

Decision Rights and Information Flows: Two Fundamental Pillars to Success

Why do organizations suffer from poor strategy execution? What are the root causes of many poor decisions? Why do businesses fail? The answers often involve decision rights and information flows as research shows how important these are as success drivers. Yet, many companies do not have these well-defined leading to untimely actions, confusion, and a lack of accountability. Complete information and well-defined decision rights are key pillars of business success. This session identifies the research and reveals leading practices for mitigating the risks associated with poor decision rights and information flows. Topics include:

  • Four fundamental building blocks executives can use for successful strategy execution
  • Fundamental traits of organizational effectiveness based on a survey of more than 1,000 companies, governments and non-profits
  • How clear decision roles enhance organizational performance
  • Differences between data and information
  • The role of evidence in decision making
  • Insufficient data or too much data (both internal and external)
  • Lack of timely transparency between management, the board, auditors and stakeholders
  • Controls for promote strong decision rights and information flows

Session Objectives:

  • Help organizations bring strategy and operational effectiveness to a higher level
  • Learn principles of a strategic focused organization
  • Understand the elements of an integrated model for meeting business objectives and growing shareholder value
  • Offer leading practices to promote strong decision rights and information flows
  • Understand the roles of internal auditors, management accountants, managers and board directors in helping to ensure sound decision rights and information flows

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