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Initial Public Offerings (IPOs): Process, SEC Rules & Types (e.g., SPACs) - April 1, 2022 - Las Vegas, NV - Virtual

A misstep in the IPO process can be devastating in terms of triggering more expensive corrective action and prolonging a successful registration process.  A strong project management role must be defined and present to ensure that the plotted roadmap to ‘going public’ is realistic and attainable.  This session helps ensure that all essential steps towards a successful IPO transaction are considered.

Many factors go into a decision on the pros and cons of taking a company public, either through an initial public offering (IPO) or a reverse merge transaction. There are many accounting, SEC compliance, and governance considerations. This seminar takes walks attendees through the process, carefully examining key decision points and hurdles. The training covers:
  • A traditional IPO process
  • Special purpose acquisition company (SPAC) transactions
  • Going public as an Emerging Growth Company under the JOBS Act
  • Taking a company through a reverse merger into a public shell
This seminar is ideal for boards, management teams, and accountants of privately held companies thinking about going public. The accounting and financial reporting requirements will be discussed, including how to comply with all key S-1 registration statement requirements. Topics include:
  • Options for going public
  • SEC requirements
  • Detailed IPO process steps
  • An IPO timeline
  • Streamlined requirements for an Emerging Growth Company
  • The external auditor's role
  • Financial statement requirements
  • SEC disclosures, including Management's Discussion and Analysis (MD&A)
  • Dealing with underwriters, attorneys, and accountants
  • Preparing pro forma financial statements
  • Reporting for a reverse merger transaction
  • Preparing the S-1 registration statement
  • Review examples
  • Addressing SEC comments
  • Public life after the IPO
Session objectives:
  • Understand the pros and cons of going public
  • Learn SEC requirements
  • Become aware of associated IPO risks
  • Review other public transactions to leverage lessons learned 
The agenda can be adjusted to be a one or two day course.

Please contact Katie Kral, KU Office Manager, for more information about this class at (702) 565-2727 ext. 224 or email at 

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