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Policies for CPE

Policies for CPE Eligible "Group Live" and "Group Internet Based" Learning

Administrative Policies

Refund Policy

Requests for refunds must be received in writing no less than 7 days prior to the course date for a full refund. Requests for refunds received less than 7 days prior to the course date will be subject to a 50% cancellation fee. No refunds will be granted within 48 hours of the course date. Refunds will be credited in the same form used for the original transaction. No travel expenses will be refunded.

Cancellation Policy

Should Kral Ussery cancel a program, the full course fee will be refunded. Kral Ussery will contact registered attendees using the contact information provided at the time of registration. The full registration fee will be refunded in the same form that was excepted. No travel expenses will be refunded.

Complaint Resolution Policy

Kral Ussery is committed to providing high quality education and practical training opportunities. If not completely satisfied with any course, you may choose to attend a course of comparable cost at no charge or to receive a full refund of the course fee by contacting Katie at (702) 565-2727, or by email at

Course Update Policy

Kral Ussery course documentation will contain the most recent publication, revision or review date to the best of our knowledge. Courses are revised as soon as feasible following changes to relative codes, laws, rulings, decisions, interpretations, etc. Courses in subjects that undergo frequent changes are reviewed by a subject matter expert at least once a year. Other courses are reviewed every 2 years. For group live and group Internet based programs, the revision date is the date of the event.

Content Development Policies

Program Content and Knowledge Level

Kral Ussery assures that the program content and program level is appropriate for the participants. All courses are designed to fall within one of three categories: basic, intermediate or advanced. Each course will clearly state the level for which it is intended.

Basic courses are designed for attendees who are new to a skill, at entry level, or have had limited exposure to the subject matter. These courses are designed to introduce a participant to the subject matter and require no prior knowledge.

Intermediate courses are designed for attendees who have already taken a basic course in the same subject matter or who have experience which has led to detailed knowledge of the subject matter. Any specific prior knowledge required for an intermediate course will be clearly stated in the course description and promotional materials.

Advanced level courses are designed for participants who have extensive knowledge of the subject matter and seek to learn about a broader range of application, develop more in-depth knowledge or explore a wider variety of skills. Advanced level courses will offer participants the opportunity to discuss their knowledge level and experience with Kral Ussery staff prior to registration to ensure compatibility.

Content and Delivery Systems

The courses that Kral Ussery provides are developed by individuals or teams having expertise in the subject matter.

Content is Developed by a Subject Matter Expert

Kral Ussery‚Äôs courses are reviewed by qualified persons other than those who developed the programs. These reviews must occur before the first presentation of the materials and again after each significant revision of the program. The participation of at least one licensed CPA (in good standing and holding an active license or the equivalent of an "active" license in a U.S. jurisdiction) is required in the development of every program in accounting and auditing.

Content is Based on Relevant Learning Objectives

Kral Ussery courses contain relevant learning objectives and outcomes that clearly articulate the professional competence that should be achieved by the participants (i.e., at the completion of the program, what will the participants be able to do? What is the take away skill or knowledge?)

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