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Bankruptcy & Restructuring

Let KU help navigate turbulent waters for future success:

  • Turnaround & Restructuring
  • Bankruptcy Management
  • Financial Advisory
  • Interim Management
  • Creditor Advisory Consulting

Which side of the coin are you on?

Bankruptcies can be stressful and complicated events. However, when planned and managed promptly, a bankruptcy can be a tool for future success.

Debtors have a number of actions to take, including:

  • Listen to the early warning signs: Don't make a bad situation worse with procrastination
  • Reorganize: Negotiate out of court if possible - explore possible options
  • Counsel/advisors: Involve legal and bankruptcy financial advisors early

KU's experienced team of restructuring professionals is a valued resource for distressed companies, secured and unsecured creditors, trustees and other stakeholders. Our team of credentialed Certified Insolvency and Restructuring Advisors and Certified Turnaround Professionals providing services related to;

  • reorganization,
  • preference recovery,
  • litigation support,
  • liquidation,
  • investigation, and
  • expert witness testimony to a wide range of clients and industries.

Turnaround & Restructuring


In the most challenging situations, businesses need to stabilize their finances and improve their operations to preserve value. Working with management, private equity, bankruptcy attorneys and other professionals, we help companies improve results for the benefit of all stakeholders.

A business valuation provides a business owner with an accurate tool that allows the owner to make an informed decision about the viability and timing of the sale of their business.

Our Services

  • Liquidity management and forecasting, including developing a 13-week cash flow forecast
  • Chapter 11 planning and administration
  • Creating and delivering turnaround and restructuring plans, both in and out of court
  • Identifying cost reduction strategies and revenue enhancement opportunities
  • Assisting management with business plan development
  • Advising on employee retention plan development

Bankruptcy Management


We provide bankruptcy and insolvency case management and advisory services to assist you through every step of the process. Our experience spans contingency planning, Chapter 11 case administration, insolvency administration, estate liquidation, settlement administration and litigation trust management, among other areas.

A business valuation provides a business owner with an accurate tool that allows the owner to make an informed decision about the viability and timing of the sale of their business.

Our Services

  • Pre-bankruptcy planning and administration
  • Contingency planning
  • Complete case management services
  • First-day motions
  • Accounts payable cutoff procedures
  • Statement of Financial Affairs and Schedules of Assets and Liabilities
  • Preference analysis
  • Claims resolution
  • Monthly operating reports
  • Fiduciary services
  • Plan administrator/trustee
  • Disbursing agent, claims agent, notice agent and ballot agent services

Financial Advisory


Turnaround and restructuring often requires a detailed assessment of a company’s financial operations timely. Our methodology closely and quickly examines a company’s finance function with a focus on effectiveness, efficiency and risk. This approach enables us to quickly find opportunities that could improve value creation, reduce costs and mitigate risk.

Our Services
  • Cash management and treasury function
  • Working capital management
    • Accounts receivable and credit management
    • Accounts payable and vendor management
    • Inventory turns and SKU proliferation/profitability
  • Identifying automation opportunities to increase productivity
  • Identifying outsourcing savings opportunities
  • Assisting with the FP&A function and how it can create greater organizational value
  • Helping create a dashboard reporting system to create metrics that matter

Interim Management


KU provides hands-on, experienced leadership to organizations facing business challenges. We initiate and implement improvement and restructuring plans, while reporting to a company's board of directors and working closely with staff across the entire company to quickly address challenges. We transfer knowledge to current employees and help search for permanent candidates to prepare for a smooth transition and build a foundation for lasting success.

Our Services

  • Senior roles like chief financial officer or chief operating officer or controller
  • Chief restructuring officers and chief transformation officers when companies must drive a major restructuring that may occur in or out of court, or implement a major corporate restructuring.

Creditor Advisory


We draw upon our partners operational and financial expertise to assess the situation and work with creditor groups to develop and implement strategies to deliver optimum outcomes from financially distressed situations. We act as your financial advisor to secured lenders, unsecured creditors' committees and government entities.

Our Services

  • Evaluating company strategy and viability, business plan feasibility and management capabilities
  • Developing recovery strategies and negotiating with other stakeholders
  • Performing valuations of enterprises or subsidiaries, using market-driven data and transactions
  • Investigating accounting and financial reporting, and supporting related litigation; including, preferences, fraudulent transfers or disclosures, or other adverse actions

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