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Interim Roles & Performance

Providing the resources when you need them the most:

  • Interim and Fractional CFO Leadership
  • Interim Controllership Services
  • Private Equity Support
  • Debt & Financial Reporting
  • Corporate Performance Management

Interim and Fractional CFO & Controllership Services

Success rests on people, processes and technologies. Conquering this ‘golden triangle’ begins with having the right people on your team to provide timely insights on cash flows, forecasts, financial statement presentations, performance metrics and finance strategies. And yes, this includes insights on processes and technologies. KU can bring experienced leaders to your team to mitigate risks and take advantage of opportunities. Success is contingent on robust data flows as a basis for informed decisions. Realize the benefits of objective insights by exploring how we can help.

Private Equity Support

Like nearly any organization, private equity firms exist to protect and grow shareholder value. Kral Ussery understands this and offers an array of services to address portfolio company needs. Our focus is on the CFO’s office, including accounting, financial reporting, IT, FP&A, M&A transactions and SEC filings. Specifically, our services include:

  • Carve-out planning & accounting
  • Data analytics for data aberration identification in conjunction with assurance efforts
  • Designing controls, including the drafting of accounting policies & procedures
  • Debt package reporting
  • Due diligence and quality of earnings reports
  • Interim controllership services
  • Internal auditing activities on accounting, IT and entity-level controls
  • IT general control testing to help ensure robust financial system execution
  • Merger and acquisition planning, integration and execution
  • New accounting standard implementations
  • Optimizing the financial statement close process
  • Support and advice with Initial filings to the SEC, as well as review of subsequent filings

Financial Reporting & Pre-Audit

Your reputation is tied to the integrity of your financial statements. We understand this, and can help compile the financial statements or verify that the accounting and financial reporting is correct in accordance with the applicable generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP), including US GAAP and IFRS, or other financial reporting framework.

The KU Team can also serve as a primary point of contract with your auditors. Since we do not perform attest services there are no competitive biases with audit firms, thus helping to ensure sound collaborative efforts.

Enterprise and Corporate Performance Management

Enterprise and corporate performance management (EPM/CPM) is not a process. EPM/CPM is the integration of multiple performance improvement methods including:

  • product, service line, channel, and customer profitability (using activity-based costing [ABC]); 
  • strategy management using strategy maps, balanced scorecards (with strategic KPIs) and dashboards (for operational PIs); 
  • process improvement using lean management with lean accounting; 
  • process improvement using quality management with the cost of quality (COQ);
  • capacity-sensitive driver-based budgeting and rolling financial forecasts; 
  • enterprise risk management (ERM); and 
  • data science and analytics. 

EPM/CPM methods are imperative for any organization to excel at to remain viable and competitive. Refer to our Enterprise Performance Management (EPM) Briefing Document for more information.

Also, check out the following in-house training sessions led by Gary Cokins, CPIM:

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