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Kral Ussery Services Overview

Kral Ussery - Advisor - Litigation Support - Internal Audit

  • Accounting Advisory - Training & support to stay in compliance
    New Revenue Recognition & Lease Accounting | Complex Accounting Matters | Restatements | SEC Reg. S-X & S-K Disclosures | FASB Accounting Standards Updates | Litigation Support | CFO & Controllership Duties
  • Controls - Testing the design & operating effectiveness of IT
    Operational, Reporting & Compliance | SOX-404 | Entity-Level Controls | Cybersecurity Accountability
  • Internal Auditing - Strategic & independent expertise to move the needle on business priorities
    COSO Internal Control-Integrated Framework | SOX 404 Efforts | Technology | Operating Objectives | Co-Sourcing | Regulatory Compliance | Outsourcing  
  • Risk Assessments - Transforming risks into opportunities
    Independent Risk Assessments | Cybersecurity | Data & Information Flows | COSO ERM Framework | Integration to align people, process and technology | Due Diligence and Quality of Earnings Reports
  • SEC Compliance - Helping companies keep within the good graces of the SEC
    Pre-Filing Reviews, including XBRL | SEC Comment Letters | MD&As and Disclosures | Sarbanes-Oxley Support
  • Training & Coaching - Educational and development services to empower leadership teams
    In-House Training Sessions | Collaborative Workshops | Tailored Education & Mentoring | Skills Inventory | Results Oriented Workshops
We invite you to explore our full range of services to preserve and grow shareholder value.

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Kral Ussery is a specialized CPA firm in providing services to U.S. public and private companies that external auditors cannot due to independence concerns, such as accounting advisory and internal audit services.

Why Clients Choose Kral Ussery
  • Compliance and internal audit efforts are strategic opportunities rather than a necessary evil
  • Agility and innovation to quickly identify the drivers to protect and grow shareholder value
  • Flexible engagements ensure a collaborative approach; including advisory services and training for client empowerment

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