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Conducting Pre-Filing Reviews of Periodic Reports, including XBRL

All public companies face rapidly changing and complex accounting in satisfying SEC reporting requirements. SEC scrutiny of company filings and underlying controls has been on the rise. Many companies, especially smaller public companies, can benefit in having an independent advisor and reviewer on their team to comprehensively deal with financial reporting and SEC compliance matters. Sections 302 and 404 of the Sarbanes Oxley Act (SOX), and related SEC rules, require all public companies to: Commit appropriate resources to decipher and apply new accounting rules, Prepare complete, accurate, and timely SEC filings, and Maintain appropriate controls.

Kral Ussery LLC partners with public companies to accomplish SEC compliance objectives. We provide detailed pre-filing desk reviews of 10-Qs and 10-Ks (all items, including the MD&A), assistance in responding to SEC comment letters, and other financial reporting and SEC compliance matters. We do not perform audit, tax, or attestation work so our services are never in conflict with SEC independence rules. Kral Ussery LLC offers a level of internal review and support to complement your controllership and compliance functions.

Some SEC registrants cannot justify full time quality review staff that are sufficiently up to date with current GAAP and SEC reporting rules. We perform this function in a cost effective manner resulting in enhanced internal controls over financial and regulatory reporting. Our team can also serve as an ongoing resource to address U.S. GAAP and SEC compliance issues raised by regulators and the external auditor.

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