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Governance Issues - Volume 2018, No. 1 - Published January 12, 2018

Accounting, Auditing, Technology & Controls

Focus Points for 2017 (Kral, 12/30/16)
How the Topline Will Change (Shamrock, 10/17/16)
Ensuring a High Quality Audit (Kral, 3/14/16)
A Focus on Related Party Transactions (Kral, 2/8/16)
Big Data (Balon, 4/15/15)
Little GAAP Has Arrived (Kral, 9/30/09)


Boardroom Governance & Risks

Top Ten Things for Directors (Peterson, 5/7/08)
A Governance Dilemma at Enron (Collins, 5/23/07)


SEC, SOX & Compliance Programs

"Monitoring" That Works (Kral, 6/5/09)
Spreadsheet Controls (Norton, 3/5/09)

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