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Detailed IPO Process Steps

What are some of the more challenging process steps?
Why are the detailed IPO Process steps important to follow?

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  What are some of the more challenging process steps?

  • There is a lot of effort that goes into the initial "pre-filing" phase, that oftentimes is underestimated in terms of resources and timeline. Implications go beyond governance and internal controls. Investor relations, media, treasury, risk management, legal, tax, human resources, technology and project management all need to be assessed and acted upon. 
  • Another challenge is tackling SEC reporting requirements. Detailed information on risk factors, executive compensation and historical financial data will need to be disclosed. In addition, financial statements will need to be prepared both in accordance with U.S. GAAP and SEC Regulation S-X. Addressing these SEC reporting requirements is where Kral Ussery can contribute a lot of value.

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  Why are the detailed IPO Process steps important to follow?

  • Missing a single step can be devastating in terms of triggering more expensive corrective action and prolonging a successful registration process. A strong project management role must be defined and present to ensure that the plotted roadmap to "going public" is realistic and attained. Again, this is an area where we can contribute anywhere from taking the lead as Project Manager to simply being an Advisor contributing to specified needs.
  • In conclusion, IPOs are both challenging and rewarding. Education, planning, executing and on-going managing are all essential steps towards ensuring a successful IPO transaction.

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